The Highest Chassis Quality

GG Trailers is distinguished by having a set of world-class methods, tools, equipment, and production processes
that ensure our high-quality chassis



GOOSENECK: H-beam fabricated, 1/2″ x 5″ thick flange and 3/8″ thick web, in high resistance steel.

BOLSTERS: Front and rear bolsters in 1/4″ thickness, in High resistance steel.

FRAME STRUCTURE: I-beam fabricated, 16″ x 5″ and 14-3/4 x 5″, 1/2″ thick flange and 1/4″ thick web, crossmembers fabricated channel type 3/16″ and 1/4 thickness”, in high resistance steel.

BUMPER: 3/16″ thick fabricated channel type, in high resistance steel. According with DOT.

LANDING GEAR: Landing gear support brackets are fabricated of 5/16″ thickness, in high resistance steel, and Landing Gear JOST A440.

LOCKS: 12 Twist Locks and 2 Pin Locks. Brand: Buffer or TOCA.

SUSPENSION: Equalized tandem mechanical suspension, overslung mounting, under mounting hangers with three leafs high arch spring. Brand: HUTCH.

AXLES: 5” round axles with 22,500 lbs capacity 71-1/2” Track.

BREAKS: 16-1/2” x 7” cast iron outboard mounted brake drums.

 ABS System: Wabco 2S-1M.

Tires 255/70R22.5 16 PLY
Aluminum Rims 8.25 X 22.5 Hub Piloted 5
Mud Flaps: 2 mud flaps 30″ x 24 “, rubber material.

PRIMER: Sherwin-Williams, 70% Zinc, with thickness of 2 to 3 mills dry to 70 % solids. 

TOPCOAT: Sherwin-Williams, Genesis GC 3.5 Low VOC Acrylic Polyurethane, with thickness of 2 to 2.5 mills dry.

HARNESS: Phillips Sealed Harness.
GLADHANDS: Phillips.
WIRING AND LIGHTS: Rear, central and front lights in optronics brand. 12 Volt, 7 ways receptacle